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Rockbound Neighbors

Posting this now while I'm free and not feeling lazy. This should've been just a brief comment about the songs in the album but it has turned this long >_<

I admit I'm quite wary about this album since Nana's music kept changing over the years (more like I can't categorize her just in one genre so I dunno what to expect).

And I wanna say that I'm excited for the new album to arrive to me but well, the album has been spoiled to me the moment it's leaked on the net...even before the release date. My patience just flew out the window and downloaded the tracks. At least I have enough self-control not to download the Heian Live. I'm fortunate enough not to encounter Hime Murasaki live on Youtube or on other sites *whew* at least not yet. 

Just a small reminder though: I'm not a music expert nor do I listen to that many music or jpop/kpop acts so I just go by my ears on what I like and dislike. Thankfully, this album is so awesome and it's such a pleasure to my ears^^ Anyway, let's start! 

Sewww cuuute (*´∀`)!
Noooo! Don't look at me like DAT  (´Д`;)ハアハア

1. Avalon no Oukan

I have to admit this song is quite on the excessive side. I mean it's grand and all that but it kinda needs taming down. I think they made this song with Live Grace II in mind. Nonetheless, it's a good song, though I don't think they needed that much effects for such an already nice song. I mean even if you strip down the added orchestral parts, it will still be good plus Nana's vocals is sooo good here. 

2. Naked Soldier

I like this one very much^^b It's rock, it's edgy and Nana's voice is pushed to the limit here. They really should make good use of her beautiful voice and Naked Soldier did that. That crazy high Hikari is luuuv. It kinda reminds me of New Sensation's high part (but I think that's a bit lower?) and a bit of Dancing in the Velvet Moon but done right <--I've already said that that song is erratic imo >_<

3. Get my Drift?

When she released the song titles, this song is my most anticipated song because of the cool title and also this isn't engrish. So when, she played it on M no Sekai iirc, I looped it like no tomorrow. (`・ω・´)

4. Lovely Fruit

Hmm, this maybe the weakest song for me in the album. Probably the reason why I'm apprehensive about the album is because this is the promo song, and well, I'm not the biggest fan of the song^^;;;  Although, the pv is just (//A//) Call it fanservice-y for a 32-year old woman or whatever, I don't care ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

5. Darling Plastic

Up to this day, I still don't get what Darling Plastic means XDDD Can anybody explain what that is? About the song, hmm, I like it. I dunno, it's like a feel good song. No extra arrangements, simple, not hard to sing and has quite consistent melody. You all know the melody in Nana songs tend to change like every verse or something. I like the simplicity of it all. Not bland but just simple. (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)

6. Bright Stream

Not a big fan of the song, but for some reason this song is slowly growing on me. Maybe because of her live version in Union in which she sings it in such kind tone with such a kind smile which is kinda touching. 

7. Hoshizuku Symphony

My first impression is "It's Christmas!" Good cheerful song. I wonder if it's going to be the new towel song or Happy go Round? It does remind me of Brand New Tops where it started slow then became fast paced as it goes on.

8. Linkage

I like this one too. Though Nana's voice is quite straining in some parts. Kinda like some of Unbreakable and Astrogation parts. I fear for the live version of this one >_< 

9. Star Road

New Nana composed song. This one is much better than Albireo. I agree that song is quite bland^^;; It isn't that different than Albireo (the chinese feel) but the arrangement and the vocals is a lot better that's why I like this the most among her other composed ballad songs^^. Though I have this nagging feeling when she sings this live that's she's going to chicken out in some parts of the song. I sure hope not. You can do it Nana-san! For me, Star road > Yume no Tsuzuki > Albireo 

10. Synchrogazer -Aufwachen form-

I'm thankful they didn't touch the original Synchrogazer instead they just added a longer intro. I just wish they made a smoother transition from the intro to the song so we won't hear a very slight pause before the actual song. Still, Synchro is already an awesome song, no need for unnecessary changes. 

11. Crescent Child

Now this one is my favorite song in the album . I love the whole arrangement and Nana's vocals. The beats, the piano, the short pauses, the low Nana voice and the way she sings the high parts. I just love this song to bits (人´∀`*). At this point, I'm convinced that I will never ever judge Nana's songs by their engrish title. This song is simply awesome!

12. Kiseki no Melodia

When I first heard the song when it's leaked somewhere, I'm convinced that this will be my favorite song of the album (until CC and Yakusoku). The first line is just "woah, sooo good! (*A* )". And I like the Kiss and Cry parts. This song is really hard to sing. Nana's doing that vocal flips again in this song but I unexpectedly love it here. And the 'high to very high parts' in the chorus kinda reminds me of Mysterion but done right. I think I've said it many times that I don't like that song. 

13. Metro Baroque

I like this song enough to buy the single which I rarely do at least until I buy her concert dvds. Plus, the pv is so (//A//) what with her ero-gaze in full effect. 

14. Happy Go Round

Used for Switch Girl's theme. A bit similar to Love Brick and I dunno which I like more. A bit mainstream pop and it's easy to get into. Not as catchy as Love Brick but still a good song too.

15. Sacred Force -Extended Mix-

Not fond of Shihori's hentai songs so I kinda wish they chose Risouron instead if they want to include a B-side track in the album. And Nana, please stop making Shihori do hentai songs. But this is a lot better than Mysterion and it's more bearable I guess. I still don't like the 'high to very high' parts. And the extended mix is unnecessary. I think from Shihori's songs, I still like Chimoku no Kajitsu the best. 

16. Yakusoku

From the song title itself, I can already tell it's going to be a ballad. Well, Nana has the pattern to end her album with ballad. This one is really nice. It's more down-to-earth but more dramatic (I dunno how to explain it) than the previous Shichigatsu Nanoka. And Nana's voice sounds really good here. Especially in the last part. Her voice sounded hoarse but I luuv it. 2nd favorite song of the album.

To sum it up: Rockbound Neighbors is awesome. Much better than IE (though it isn't as bad as people say). But at least I don't avoid a song in this album like I did with IE's Musterion. If I tend to skip some songs, it's because I want to hear Crescent child again or Yakusoku. She really has some great songs in this album. I think her next album will have a lot of shoes to fill in. That 2 years of wait for the next album is definitely worth it. (`・ω・´)

Memories Off: 2012

Since this lj is basically more Nana focused than anything, I'm just going to show my fandom evolution in the past year.....

Before I started this journal, I only have 3 Nana items in my possession:

1st Nana
No need to mention which is what....

I bought those with the intention of "supporting her" and be done with it. Just so I can move on to other things after I bought her expensive stuff (that I like) and decide that well, it's okay but it's not worth buying another....

And how wrong I was....

Before I knew it, it's turned to this ^^;;


Yeah, my bookshelf was suddenly invaded with Nana stuff and I have no idea how that happened @_@ And that's not including the bonus postcards, eye-ai magazine and some posters plus some Live Union goods and Nana's awesome new album which is somehow still stuck in customs right now T^T Darn, these might be small compared to others but seriously, these has cost me A LOT. And also the blu-ray player and new computer I bought earlier this year, Nana is also to blame  (╯TT□TT)╯︵ ┻━┻
At least, I know where my money is going (antiques, clothes like swimsuits and zettai ryouiki outfits, and travel expenses) Just take my damn money will you? (`・ω・´)

Lastly this year, my posts in lj has become lesser and lesser....that's because I'm too busy stalking twitter and taking my fanworship there lol XDD People can be quite crazy there LOL. It's basically a worshipping shrine I tell you ( ´艸`)

That's about it! Merry Christmas and Happy Nana New Year! O(▰≧∇≦▰)O
Kinda random but yeah, let's get started! /o/

Nana singing with a mic stand
Nana looks really good when she's singing with a mike stand...Bring back the mike stand ヽ(`Д´#)ノ

In no particular order:
Read more....Collapse )
That's about it. I really took me days to finish this. Because whenever I tend to watch her lives to compare each other, before I knew it...I finished the whole concert lolwhut ... (;=_=)  So, what's your top ten too?

Totally on a High!

Going straight to the point....today's Heian live event is going to be released together with the new album! BANZAI! BANZAI! BANZAI! \o/

But there's more! Because the setlist includes some of my favorite songs from her..omgosh just thinking about makes me want to shake someone up  ヾ( ̄ー ̄ヾ))))(((((ノ ̄ー ̄)ノ


01. Etsuraku Camelia
02. Wild Eyes
03. Heaven Knows
04. Brilliant Star
05. Zankou no Gaia
06. Phantom Minds
07. Shin Ai 
08. Bright Stream
09. Junketsu Paradox
10. Eternal Blaze
11. Hime Murasaki
Encore: Pray

Yes, ...SHE SANG BRILLIANT STAR AND HIME MURASAAAAKIIEEE! I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one waiting those two songs to be sung again. (*´*) 

Plus, the fact that she sang Shin Ai, Wild Eyes and Hime Murasaki all in one live event! Those songs have a sentimental value to me for the fact that I started to like her because of those songs 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。  although I almost hated Wild Eyes because she always sings this song but not Hime Murasaki ... (=_=)


And there's also the MIKO COSTUME!!! Damn, I want that album nauuu...December..come quick! ε=ε=ε=┏( > <)┛

Goods Post!

Been a long while since I have updated this lj...sometimes I even forget I own one^^;;

Anyway, I received this earlier this month...

2012-09-01 18.50.23 2

Kinda torn whether I'm in blue side or red side with this...

Will probably write a review about this later...if I'm not feeling lazy ^^;;

And another one....

Nanette-san and Union Penlight

Lol my mom insists that it's a chicken....actually I'm not even sure anymore either ... (=_=)

Actually, that comes along with a few others including the postcards, union shirt and some other live goods. Totally blew my wallet in pieces. Huge shout out to cc1926 from http://haretaraiine.wordpress.com/ for buying this for me <(_ _)> 

Didn't buy Bright Stream though...don't really like the single that much...I was willing to buy if only for HMV's tokuten, too bad it sold out pretty fast щ(;益;щ

But oh well, congratulations for breaking the 100k mark for Bright Streams sales....I kinda wish it's Synchro or MB to have done it but to hell with it. 

Ok, now that the tour is over, the next live is going to be another orchestral one! \o/ Kinda hard to beat Live Grace's AMAZING concert so I wonder how she's going to fare  (and what is she going to ride again XDD) At least, finally my beloved Risouron is surely going to be sung this time around. If not, then I'm going to flip tables for forgetting that wonderful song (`・ω´) 

It's been a long time since my last post so I've rambled on too much....going to end this here before this turns into an essay. 
ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌(; ̄◇ ̄)┘


I got my Time Space EP today so I'm going to rave about it like I usually do...

 Gorgeous cover is GORGEOUS (*´`)

Actually I like this special pack more than Synchrogazer's. The design on the cd too although there's nothing much to see there except clocks, but it's better than synchro...that's a bit meh. But both have wonderful covers...Sychro has that gorgeous ero face while Time Space has LEGSSSS...and a dinosaur^^;;

Postcard = LEGS (*´`)!

I got Eye-Ai too...

Not really planning to buy this, but I just can't let this pass. It's a rare chance to read a Nana article from a magazine in English so I went ahead and bought it. It has folds though, but it's not as bad as I initially expected. Or maybe I just expected the worst. Anyway, I haven't read it fully, just skipped to Nana's part immediately. The writer seems charmed by Nana by the end of the interview^^;;

She goes: 

Eye Ai: When she entered the room, she was smaller and cuter woman than we would have expected..

 - Lol at the smaller part...well yeah, she looks tall on screen. Could've gotten me fooled.

And last thoughts were like:

Eye Ai: Don't be surprised if you sense her smile and positive attitude while hearing her voice anywhere in the world.

 - Well, I sure won't be surprised. But the writer seems like she expects her to favor one job over the other and  well, maybe she's just impressed at how well she handled both voice acting and singing (though she's more into singing now)

Nana's parts:

Nana: My life is only mine but I can live in many lives as a voice actress. And in real life, you can't roar out a special deadly technique or chant a magical phrase!

 - LOL at the last part. TRUE..TOO TRUE. 

Nana: ...there is no barrier between the audience and the stage, and that I can even say something very embarassing such as "I LOVE YOU"

 - It's not embarassing. I love you too! *hides* ...it's not embarassing ()

Nana: I wonder how many people will know who I am!

 - Like DUH? You don't know how famous you are!   ( ̄ー ̄)  

Aaand that's about it. There's many more but too lazy.  It's a VERY good read especially when it's written in a language I can fully understand. Is she always like that? I wish I can understand Japanese so I can read many more articles about her^^

Anyways, ending this off with her talk about UNION, since tomorrow's LIVE UNION! (*><)/ゎー

Nana: I wanted to create a space where everyone feels happy sharing. Kizuna and being united are what I meant in using the word " UNION"

Nana, You Bloody Killer!!!

Blood-C should instead be Blood-L with all the bloodloss that this pv caused me...

And this is what I looked like while watching that eroi pv...





( д)....




And all that happened within just the first few seconds of the pv....I'm serious (`・ω´)

Look at that...isn't she just  (//A//)

I have no other words except:

To vampire Nana-san, feel free to visit me whenever you're hungry for blood 

This is Why I like Nana Going S...

KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! (*´д*)ハァハァハァハ

(*´∀`) is what I look like while typing this...Collapse )

Yes, your Highness!

Because the King and the Queen commanded me to buy the bds so...

I really did it...orz

I still haven't gotten my bd yet but because shangzz already have them, she's kind enough to save me from being a creepy stalker taking photos of Nana at every chance I get send me the pics of the bds, I'll just go with this while I still haven't gotten it.

KYAAAAAAAH!...look at that...isn't that just  (*´Д`)ハァハ(*´Д`)ハァハ(*´Д`)ハァハ

Ok, that's enough for Live CxJ pics...I don't want to die from massive bloodloss before I even get the bds on my hands. Anyway, I'm still resisting to download the bd rips that's been floating around since its release...I'm just M like that *hides* I'll probably download that once I've watched my own bds myself...can't wait (▰≧∇≦▰)

And as for my poor poor wallet...

Nana Alois took the words from my mouth...... (=_=)

And since I'm also posting anyway...the cover of the new single Time Space Ep is SOOOO beautiful. I love it more than Starcamp Ep...

So apparently, she ditched the jeans...

and went for legssss and that's apparently the first thing I noticed *runs*...(´Д`;)ハアハア (´Д`;)ハアハア (´Д`;)ハアハ
Nana, please continue to show your legsss be as classy as always...

I personally like Starcamp Ep's cover before because of the cool Nana look and the getup. But the Time Space's cover is kinda like in a different world that makes it fascinating to look at with all those symbols thrown around....And I really like the shoes she's wearing....and the glasses too...well, I really like the cover as a whole...it's full of...things, like clocks, dinosaur, old papers and other stuff. I wonder if that dinosaur has a name...probably we'll get to find out when Nana rides one in her live^^;; Anyways, I still haven't decided whether I'll buy the single, I'm trying not to think too much about it as I'll lose my sense of reason once I start thinking about this and that... (=_=)

Thoughts on Live Grace...


That's all I can say. My vocabulary isn't wide enough to describe that whole concert in words. Watch it and you will understand that is if you haven't yet.
Nana killing shutting up her fans (*´д*)ハァハァハァハ